On the 5th June 2018, a seminar titled „Doing business in the Visegrad area“ was held at the Gi Group Palazzo del Lavoro in Milan.

The event was organized by the Italian desks in the Czech Republic of Mazars and Gi Group Czech Republic, with the objective of providing participants with basic information about the economy and the labor market in the Visegrad area, but also to share information of administrative and fiscal nature. Moreover, the participants had the chance to listen to some experiences of Italian entrepreneurs who already successfully operate in the Visegrad markets, to evaluate the possibilities of internationalization and new commercial exchanges in an area of over 500 thousand square meters with 64 million inhabitants and a workforce that has gone from low-cost labor to qualified personnel, ready for industry 4.0.

Present at the event:

Antonio Misiti – Gi Group, Responsible Italian desk in the Czech Republic
Roberto Di Cursi – Mazars Responsible Italian desk area CEE
Patrycja Niemczyk-Favarò – Director of the Polish Invenstment & trade Agency
Jiří Jílek – Head of the Economic Office of the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Italy
Rudolf Durdík – Commercial Economic Councilor Embassy of the Slovak Republic
Melinda Szilágyi – Commercial advisor, Consulate of Hungary of Milan

All of them illustrated the geopolitical and economic information of their Countries.